Sausages on sticks are frying on open fire

One of the little known campfire recipes is for pizza. With this, you can have a great pizza while camping. Well, what you must first do is that you should buy the pre-made crusts from the supermarket or the grocery store or you can make your own crusts the night before you leave for your camping trip. You must take with you a frying pan for cooking the pizza so it would be a great idea that you pack the crusts in the pan so that they will not break while they are being transported. Check out to get started.

Also, the frying pan is going to provide such even surface while cooking so the crusts won’t crumble and break. When you want to add meat to the pizza like the browned hamburger or the sausage, then you must buy lean meats at the store and then prepare them from home. There are some other meat toppings which can include chicken, bacon or salami. You can pick whatever you enjoy on your pizza. You should place the meat in the airtight container after this has cooked and store overnight inside the refrigerator. When you are going to travel with foods that can go bad when not refrigerated, then you can bring a cooler with ice and just keep the foods safe inside so that they are safe for consumption.

After you brush some olive oil, then you can spread tomato sauce and also the spices that you want on the crusts. Consider adding those chopped garlic to achieve a great taste. You can also add the toppings that you like to the pizzas. You can have shredded cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes and also various kinds of vegetables in order to create the specialty pizza. The great additions to the pizza could be green peppers, mushrooms, onions as well as zucchini. You have to remember that the crust is going to be closes to the fire and it will not take long for the crust to become brown. When you have so many toppings that require heating through, then the crust could burn. Find out more about this at this website.

If you have finished making your pizza, then you can cover the pan tightly using tin foil. It can be great to spray the foil with such nonstick spray so that the melted cheese won’t stick. You need to move away those hotter coals from the bottom and nestle your pizza pan into the bed below.

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